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refuse ,reject

Goes my primary cognizance product after-sales sevice-- to the land to the customer to make training, but also makes some including the software function test, the software user's manual's compilation, and realizes software's work and so on partial

1 keep in mind that a waste of time equivalent to a waste of life 2 there is no doubt that our system is a lot of dissatisfaction 3 when i return to china, i found many of the ideas i have been out of date 4, no one will talk to a series of cases with a

1,By XXXX flights to Tokyo's Haneda Airport departure2,Arrived at Shanghai's Pudong Airport3,Left on the D83 to Beijing by the group returned to the cars in Tianjin4,Jinmao Hotel, in Room 333 at dinner5,Jinmao Hotel in the first floor of West Hall

give order 2.do according to the order 3.stand in line 4.do some exercises 5.feet together 6.jump up and down 7.turn right and left 8.Do ten times like this 9.lie on one's back 10.lift 11touch with12 be tired

詳蒸 refuse;reject; turn down; decline; abnegation ;

詳蒸肇貧仁珊嗤匯肝哂猟鍬咎_One more time to refuse to go to class

Refuse invitation of activities

葎低盾基.1、恠序斌糾:walk into the shop2、壓峯和螺烹:play under the tree3、嗄狛弌采:swim across the stream4、恫壓銚牌都円:sit by mother5、冽彭能怒:run along the wall6、貫彑徨貧柳和栖:jump off the desk7、敬狛課仇貧圭:fly over the grass8、恠竃縮片:walk out of the classroom

低挫! 1.埴はわざとやってたんだ 2、鯵はわざとやったんじゃないんだ 3、識いで/堀く 4、ネクスト(next)/つぎ 泌嗤夘諒,萩弖諒.

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