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哪个难度的?估计难度不会很大吧,寒假作业吧?我这有几篇你随便看看吧,肯定没语法错误. My Best Friend Li Ming is my best friend.We've been classmates for many years.He is sixteen.Though he is not tall,he looks healthy and active. He is

你好,原创作文如下带标准中文翻译:No.1 If I had five million dollarsIf I had five million dollars, how would I do ? Well, I would do what I wanted to do. For instance, I would buy manynew clothes for my parents and make them live happily , I would

1.英文:In my mind, everyone shall have his own dream. I think that having a dream means that we have an idea, and then we will do all the things to achieve the target. As long as we have a goal to be realized, we won't be blind at least. My dream

1.Learn to smileSmile is an attitude to life.In our life,there maybe be something 10.Elephant Elephants are like us in some ways.They live for a long time -- fifty or sixty years.

1. My good friend I have a good friend. His name isTom. He is tall and handsome . He likes playing basketball and table tennis. He is good at swimming,too. He is kind and friendly. He is always ready to help others. So he can always get on well with

1、 I think sometimes men are superior to women, and sometimes women are superior to men. Men are better than women sometimes. First, men are normally stronger in body and they are able to do the hardest job. Second, men are more

my winter vacation spring day is coming a happy day my dream”,“ my life in the summer holiday”,“I love my family”,“A trip during the holiday”,“Our environment My Hometown

写信篇:Dear Mr Smith,I was so pleased to hear from you and am writing to tell you something about my school. You are right. Quite a few changes have taken place. On one side of the road there is a new classroom building. On the other side,

1.my favourite star:介绍一位你喜欢的明星(成龙、贝克汉姆、布兰妮)2.my partner:介绍你的搭档(一般是好朋友)3.our school:描述你的学校(用写信方式)4.my family:谈谈你的家庭(有多少人,几个兄弟姐妹,他们的名字,性格..)

1.My school life 假如你是王海,请以My School Life为题写一篇60个词左右的短文.提示词:interesting, morning classes, subject, math, ball games, outdoor activities 要求:内容贴切,句意通顺,单词拼写正确,书写工整.2.假如你是Bob,今年

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