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其实学习英语就想走路一样,并没有什么捷径可走,只有靠自己的不断努力 单词是最 四、多“写” 有的同学总是抱怨时间紧,根本没时间写作文.其实“写”的形式很多

One possible version:Hi Simon, Sorry I haven't written till now.I'm really busy with the courses and making new friends these days.(高分句型)I think people here are kind and frie


it is so werid that my heart is hitting like a clock.i do want to open it.maybe it is jork from someone who does not like me,or may even worse it is a bomb in the package.one of my frinds jane asks me why not open it with a mystery smile and so do

1Simon is a student with good scholastic aptitude,from hunan.as well as never coming to school late,he's especially gifted in english.he is friendly with others due to the fact that he offers us much help with study so all of us show much respect to him.

1. People in hometown like living in different places.2. Someone like living in uptown for they could buy all kinds of things in big shopping mall and go to many parks and theater.3. Someone like living in downtown for fresh air and less pollution.

==========写作复习思路==========写作方面我想说的就四点:Step 1:构思.对构思的速度要有所要求,如果有和我一样反应比较慢的鸭友,最好能抽一段时间来专门进行提纲训练:在规定的时间内列一个提纲.我这样做了10天,列了30

An Invitation Letter Dear Daniel, I am happy to invite you to attend my birthday party at 17:00, Apr 25. The party will be served with yummy food and attracting magic. Hope

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