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作文如下:I want to ba a singer when i grow up.When I was young,I have a dream that I can sing in front of the people and they will fell proud of me because my sweet voice.my idol is JAY,i want to be a famous singer like him one day.as we know,it is

My dream Job I am a fourteen-year-old boy,a middle school student in Changjiang Middle School.Although All of us are students now,I believe every student can speak out his or her dream job in the future.My dream job is to be a doctor.I want to be a

作业君找到的参考例题: 【问题】:求一篇以《My dream job》为题目的英语作文70至80词的.谢谢【答案】:my dream job My dream job is a job which has the link with English, because my profession is English. I wish I would listen to,speak,read,and

以my dream job为题写一篇英语作文及翻译,梦想的工作是当一名计算机工程师 write an english composition and translation by my dream job, a dream job is to be a computer engineer

My dream Everyone has a dream.Such as to be a teacher,a boss and so on,My dream job is to be a doctor.Because I want to help sick people become healthier and healthier.My mother is a doctor ,too.She works in a big hospital.But I don't like to

My dream job My dream is to be a teacher.If I am a teacher,I will work with children.I love children, so i will be happy.i will also go to work in the mountains.the children in the mountains are poor,so i will help them study English,math,history and so

My Dream JobMy dream job will be working in one of the biggest international accounting firm as an accountant.I want to be an accountant because I love mathematics and business so much.Also,being an a

My personality and my dream job 我的性格和我的梦想中的工作 This is Mary speaking. 这是玛丽在说话. The two questions answer:The first one:How about my personality?It was gentle,mild,almost time I don't like catch fire,I am an easy going guy,


my dream job is to be a teacher! why? let me tell you!a teacher may have many students,but many students have the same teacher,so I think teacher is very important in a person's life,I will try my best to help every students of mine,teach them as much

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