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my room 翻译:我的房间 谢谢 如果觉得答案好的话,记得采纳哦!!

My Room I have a small but comfortable room.The ceiling of my room is paint blue which stands for the sky.I pasted some plastics stars on it so I could imagine the universe


my bedroom my bedroom is big and beautiful.there is a big bed in the middle of it.a desk is beside the bed,and there is a lamp on.there is a wardrobe against the wall.it has a shelf too,and there are many books on it.i like my bedroom very much,so i

this is my room这是我的房间双语例句1This is my room, it's very clean.这是我的房间,它非常干净整洁.2Edward: Yeah, this is my room.爱德华:没错,这就是我的房间.

Look , I have a nice room . Come and have a look . It's small and nice . There is a big bed , a small table, a bookcase and a closet .There is a hat in the closet. The bed is near the desk . There is a backpack on the table.There is a shelf near the

My Room= 我的房间 希望采纳

Hi!This is my room ,it is very goodliness(美丽).Look,this is wall(墙),it is pink.This is my bed ,color is yellow .That is my desk.There bookcase side the desk.this is my room,I loke like my room !I have my one room.It's very lovely.There's a wood

i can read in my room.我可以在房间阅读.read=阅读

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